Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Survived Day 1 of Cross Fit

So yesterday was a good day.  I did P90 Sweat B & Ab Ripped B in the morning and then proceeded to do the dreaded grocery shopping for the week.  Dinner was a simple meal so I could drop my oldest son off at youth group and then go to Cross Fit.

Every now and then on busy nights you need a simple throw together meal that everyone likes, for my family it's usually spaghetti.  I always have the fixings in the pantry for this simple dish.  So last night's dinner was spaghetti with whole wheat pasta and a meat sauce.  It consists of very lean ground beef, whole wheat pasta, Newman's Own pasta sauce and italian seasoning...no expenses spared here LOL.  My containers were 1R, 1/2P & 2Y and I had a side salad with that.  I figured you didn't need a recipe for something that simple.

All day I had anxiety of cross fit...well I am not sure why I was so worried, granted they took it easy on me but I was able to keep up.  I did become one with the wall as I leaned how to do a proper squat without leaning forward. I felt like the kid in trouble as everyone was doing bar squats but I was doing a squat facing the wall (very close to it) and not trying to touch it.  About 50 squats later it was time to move on.  We had a circuit of bar lifts (like you see on weight lifting competitions) and then burpies (oh I hate burpies).  It went like this...20 bar lifts, 7 burpies, 15 bar lifts, 7 burpies, 10 bar lifts, 7 burpies, 5 bar lifts, 7 burpies then as many bar lifts as possible until your 9 minutes runs out...now you might not thing 9 minutes is long but OMG it is long.  I started out with a 20 lb medicine ball then went to a 15 lb bar with no weights on it then she put on like an extra 10 lbs...not to shabby I guess for my 1st workout.

So there you have it, I didn't die, I am okay so far today (I expect that to change) and I am looking forward to tomorrow's workout!

Stay tuned tonight for dinner...Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls...a one pot meal!

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