Thursday, October 30, 2014

Let the games begin! 21 Day Fix, P90 & CrossFit...

     Well life is crazy.  Between kids and family I am not sure how I breath.  I graduated last spring with my AS in Accounting and it was a big accomplishment for me, it took me 13 years on and off to get my degree but I finished.  

     So now that school is done it's time to really focus on my health and happiness.  I have started to workout and eat healthier and about 2 months ago I found a wonderful program from BeachBody called 21 Day Fix.  It's so simple and I love it.  It's about portion control and no calorie counting, no counting points and all you do is just stuff your food in the right container, eat all your containers, work out 30 minutes a day and enjoy a shakeology daily (if you want to, but it's all yummy good stuff and I love the chocolate) and lose weight.  It's a total win win if you ask me.  I will go more into this program tomorrow.

     I have also been doing another BeachBody program called P90. This program is Tony's newest program and it's a beginner's program to his very popular P90X, P90X2 & P90X3 (you all know the crazy program right).  Well I am no where near ready for those programs but I like P90 so far (I am on week 5).  I am starting CrossFit next week, I am sure you will be hearing about it and all my aches and pains.
     So in my 1st month of P90 I lost 3.5 lbs, 7 inches and 8% body fat.  This is not normal but it's pretty exciting for me.  I have been doing my best on the program but I am no saint to it and life happens as it does with everyone.  With the 21 Day Fix you do the program for 21 days and then you can take a break if you wish.

     So for my blog I am going to continue to post my workouts, my struggles, my successes and family approved recipes for your viewing pleasure.  Also if you wish for more info on any of these programs of any BeachBody programs please let me know.  I am also a new coach and just want to help people on their weight loss journey. 

     So welcome and hop on this crazy wild ride I am about to take on and hopefully you will join me.

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